Rooster and Hedgehog on Common Ground



Graphic T-shirt with an original drawing of a hedgehog and a rooster gardening together

His most Royal Excellency, Rooster Louis the Grande, King of the Yard, Potentate of the Flock, and Sovereign of All Except those Nasty Raccoons, was in a foul mood. One of his sons had just flown the coop, several of his hens were clearly conspiring, and someone had pooped in the water fountain, again. He straightened his plumage and stepped out into the yard, intending to give M’Lady Hedgehog the what-for. But her friendly smile and watering can filled with beer disarmed him on the spot.

A little discussed fact of homesteading is that loads of things can be solved with a wee sippa. Evicting slugs, calming your incensed rooster, or deciding that the day is just too danged hot to weed are all excellent examples. This shirt will help you remember that. And no-one else needs to know. Printed on soft, sunny colored shirts.

Width, in 18 20 21.97 23.98 25.99 28
Length, in 28 29.26 30.24 31.26 32.49 33.51
Sleeve length, in 8.23 8.51 8.75 9.02 9.26 9.49


Attention Ladies - shirts run true to size for the majority of our lady customers, including our studio human. For example, she usually wears a size Large or size 12-14 and these shirts in size Large fit her well. However, if you are bustier, shorter, taller or just concerned about how this style of shirt might fit you please be sure to use the sizing chart provided.

Attention Gentlemen - shirts can run a bit snug on the manly bod, so we recommend either sizing up, sucking it in, or using the sizing chart provided.

Solid colors are 100% Airlume combed and ringspun cotton. Colors listed as "heather" are 52% cotton.

Printed just for you - since each shirt is printed on demand please allow 10-14 business days for an order to arrive at your door (though most arrive sooner!). The time frame may increase slightly during busy seasons for the USPS. We work with a bunch of fancy French Marmots to produce these shirts. They are perfectionists and will not be rushed. It is out of our paws. Please understand also that custom-printed shirts are not refundable due to improper size selection or the changing of the royal mind.

Deep in the Blue Ridge mountains, in a winding mountain valley, there is a big red barn in the middle of an old, hilly farm. The barn has a white roof, a wood burning stove, two noisy dogs, a couple of humans, and an entire colony of talking hedgehogs.

The hedgehogs accomplish many surprising things with their big brains, tiny paws, and inquisitive whiskers. Because they don't enjoy the process of writing (you wouldn't either if you lacked opposable thumbs), they use drawings to record their day-to-day events, their notable adventures, and the stories told to them by friends and trees. Hedgehogs take great pride in recording only accurate information and would never exaggerate or embellish any facts or accomplishments. You can be certain that any hedgehog illustration you encounter has been fact checked and appropriately notarized.

Hedgehogs are extremely versatile and proudly self-sufficient. They fashion their excellent spines into fountain pens and use their surreptitiously prehensile tails for water coloring. Unfortunately, these same spines tend to tear dreadful holes in clothing. So after years of accidentally destroying ballgowns, waistcoats, britches and capes, the hedgehogs have, of late, engaged the services of Jean-Pierre et Fils, Marmot and proprietor of the famous Maison de Chemisiers in Paris. Several fils and filles of Monsieur Jean-Pierre have voyaged to the Americas to establish a haberdashery from whence they currently produce and distribute bespoke chemises (shirts, to you Anglophones) to the specification of the hedgehogs of Darn Pottery.

Much to the satisfaction of the hedgehogs, the impeccable devotion of these French Marmots to the actualization of the bespoke articles of clothing has been apparent from the start. The Marmots work tirelessly, though under excellent conditions, with frequent snack breaks and generous retirement packages. Their efforts are irreproachable and the results first-class.

Excellence shall not be rushed or compromised, however. It takes no less than 10 to 14 days for a bespoke order to make its way to the Madame or Monsieur the Customer. The Marmots tolerate no returns or exchanges where the Madame or Monsier have ordered the wrong size or color or have reconsidered their purchase. The Marmots will, of course, correct any aberration, gaffe or faux pas at their expense.

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