Mugs made by Darn Pottery lined up on a ware board in the studio awaiting image transfers

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Additional 411

Hedgehogs, as you well know, are terribly phone shy.

So rarely would they actually answer the phone that we humans just pulled the plug and saved the money for bon bons.

The very bestest way to reach the hedgehogs aside from the Magical Mystery Form, is via email…

If you should feel inspired to reach out via mail or delivery service, perhaps to send snacks or checques, you can kindly direct such services here…

Darn Pottery
5635 Houston Valley Rd
Greeneville, TN  37743

Please note that this location is not open to the public, due to the unfortunate incident with the lacrosse team.

Use Magical Mystery Form

Please favor the hedgies with a shout out about your recent experience, favorite design, special requests or book recommendations.

The little guys live for your attention.

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