hedgehogs on ladders packing shipping boxes

Free Shipping – Orders $75+

We ship via USPS because we believe in supporting this time honored institution. It is essential for the maintenance of a functional democracy as well as little businesses. Without the USPS, Darn Pottery would not exist because, frankly, no small business can afford to pay $20 to ship a mug via private carrier. We realize that we live in an Amazon world and people have grown to expect free shipping… yesterday. Sadly, we just can’t do that. We’re small fry and have to pay full price for deliveries – and (here’s something Postmaster Louis DeJoy apparently doesn’t know) the USPS charges a minimum of $7.50 to deliver a package. We’re not going to mark up our prices and get all weird about it. We simply charge a flat $7.50 delivery fee on all orders under $75.

If your order adds up to $75 or more, we would like to thank you by picking up the cost of shipping! First of all, we’re super grateful for your support. Also, the hedgehogs need an excuse to celebrate. And finally, you’re helping to save the planet by using up fewer individual boxes and less packing material. Everyone wins!

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